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Go! Girl Guides

Go! Girl Guides publishes travel guidebooks made just for women and volunteers. We aim to offer women a comprehensive look at world travel within the guise of three topics: safety, affordability and fun. We want you to get up, get out and start traveling… and then have resources geared specifically towards you to keep you out on the road. The following articles were published online.

Travel Guilt Trips & How to Navigate Around Them

A Dozen Benefits of Learning a Second Language

5 Ways to Balance Career and Travel

Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

How to Camp Alone Safely

8 Ways Travel Changed my Body Image

Gender Equal Countries: What The Top 5 Are Doing Right

Eve Teasing in India: The Reason Behind Attacks on Women?

Belgium’s Awesome Summer Music Festivals

Packing Light for a Short Trip: A Girl’s Guide

Celebrate World Book Day: Volunteer at the Library!

Should I Apply for the Nexus Frequent Traveler Program?

Balancing Wanderlust with Career Goals

Trip Recovery: Adjusting to Life Again

Working in a Ski Resort in Europe or Canada

48 Hours in Prague

Destination Dispute: Deciding Where to Travel With Your Man

What to Research Before Applying for a Working Holiday Visa

A Girl’s Guide to Surviving Your First Long-Distance Flight

The Girl’s Guide to Microblogging

Two Charming Belgian Cities You Haven’t Heard Of

Traveling with IBS: How to Deal

Hit the Slopes! The Best Ski & Snowboarding Spots in the Canadian Rockies

Checklist for a Great Road Trip

The Market: Haggling Tips for the Timid

Smartphone Tips for New Expats

Job Hunting Abroad: The Importance of Networking

How I Find My Groove in a New Culture

Pairing Food and Beer 101

The Noteworthy

The Noteworthy introduces you to interesting people, the places they go and the things they love. It’s a collection of their favourite places to eat, drink, shop and play in Edmonton, Alberta.

Art to Write Home About

Yes and Yes

Yes and Yes is a “lifestyle blog for smart, funny people.” And one of my favourite websites.

Mini Travel Guide: The Canadian Rockies


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