Season 2 of Migration Patterns: Call For Interviews!

I’m embarking on season 2 of my podcast, Migration Patterns! And I need your help connecting with people to interview.

The goal of the Migration Patterns podcast is to share stories of recent immigrants and new Canadians. From listening to these personal stories, we gain insight into the movement of people across the world and what takes us to our destination, and in this case, Canada.

Immigration is needed in our nation and it is sometimes misunderstood. I hope by listening to stories that are different from our own, we will create new understanding about each other, find commonalities, and create new opportunities. The podcast does not aim to have political debate but to share the immigration experience.

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Do you know someone who is an immigrant to Canada or a new Canadian? Does their story fascinate you? Please share my call-out with your friends and family that you would love to hear more about their story. From the first season, I found out that many people are modest to share their story so a little nudge from friends and family always helps.

Here are the details. Please, please, pleeeeeease share this blog post with any people you know whose story you would like to hear on a podcast. Or, if you are game and know your story is dope, sign up! Feel free to contact me on social media or email if you have further questions before signing up.

Who? Immigrants to Canada and New Canadians who are willing to talk about their experience coming here, what special skills that they have brought with them, and to teach us a bit about their home. Did you come 50 years ago? Did you come in the last few months? I want to hear from you!

What? A 30 minute podcast series where I interview immigrants to Canada who have a story to tell.

When? I’m aiming for 6 interviews this fall, that will then be edited and released as a bi-weekly series in the winter.

Where? Interviews to take place in Edmonton, Alberta. The podcast available on iTunes, GooglePlay and on my blog.

Fill out the podcast google form below with your story and contact details and I’ll be in touch. The form looks short but its built to expand for your answers. Thank you for your interest!


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