Palma il Vecchio - de Badende Nymphenen Diana and Callisto

Finding Affordable Local Art for Your Home

As a child, visiting my Grandma B's house meant seeing naked ladies.  In paintings on the walls. [caption id="attachment_2798" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Palma il Vecchio - de Badende Nymphenen Diana and Callisto. It probably was not this exact painting, but something similar...[/caption] She had a detailed yet ...

Grid collage of portraits of women I think are hele grote madams.

Flenglish: To be a Large Woman

In Belgium there is a term for a "larger than life" woman. She does what she pleases, she's confident, and people respect her. She's a hele grote madam. I'm due for another Flenglish lesson, where I explain some cool things I've learned from the Flemish language and applied them to my english vocabulary. The first time I ...

Edmonton's Churchill Square and Arts District at night.

All Night Art Party: Nuit Blanche Edmonton

Nuit Blanche: French colloquialism for "a sleepless night." Since moving to Edmonton, I've wanted to volunteer. I really enjoy volunteering and I firmly believe it's an important place to start exploring new personal or professional goals. It's a chance to contribute to the community and yourself at the same time! Billy ...

Flamingo by Alexander Calder (1974)

Public Art in Chicago

When I went to Chicago, I expected to discover art and urban culture. There's the world famous Art Institute of Chicago, which I planned to spend an entire afternoon in (and I did). What I didn't expect was to see huge public art sculptures all over the city as we explored the downtown neighbourhoods. [caption ...