Migration Patterns Podcast is now live!

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My very first podcast season is now live! Migration Patterns is an interview show where I speak to immigrants who have made Canada their home. At first, I was looking to interview recent immigrants and new Canadians but as a moved forward with this project, I learned that the immigration process is an experience that stays with someone and can be a large part of their identity. So now, I interview those new as well as those who came long ago.

In this podcast series, I hope to share the stories and culture of those who have chosen to make Canada home. I truly believe that diversity makes Canada a wonderful place to be and I’m honoured to be able to share the personal stories I’ve heard so far with all of you.

As of today, there are 2 episodes for your listening pleasure and two more shows left in the first season. Episodes are released every other Tuesday morning (Mountain time).

You can find it on iTunes, Google Play, and here is the RSS feed: https://www.curiousmeredith.com/feed/podcast

Please subscribe, share, or give the podcast a rating on any of the platforms so I can determine if a second season is in the future.

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