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View from the peak of Ha Ling
The Start Line
Evening in Chinon
Lazy Man's Cabbage Roll Casserole
Flamingo by Alexander Calder (1974)

Public Art in Chicago

When I went to Chicago, I expected to discover art and urban culture. There's the world famous Art Institute of Chicago, which I ...


Rebel, Rebel, I like your… curiosity.

"Curiosity is unruly. It doesn't like rules, or at least, it assumes that all rules are provisional, subject to the laceration of a ...

Buttermilk Fried Chicken from Dove's in Chicago

Best Eats of Chicago

What can I say about Chicago? It's a huge metropolitan city with a prairie feel. Midwest hospitality is a real thing and results in ...

Photo of the Bean in Chicago in the Fall.

Heading to Chicagoooo!

Last week I started teaching a class with the local lifelong learning association. I'm helping people start their own blogs! I'm pretty excited about it because I wish that Lacombe had a bigger blogging community than what seems to be just me. My class is lovely and their blog topics are all really ...

photo courtesy of bon appetit

Blood, Bones & Butter: A Lesson in Badassery

Blood, Bones, & Butter: the inadvertent education of a reluctant chef by Gabrielle Hamilton is a book that came to me at just the right time. I needed to find some "grrr" for my personal and professional life and Hamilton provided some tips in her memoir. I found it in an internet black hole of food ...

Man using phone courtesy of Death to Stock Photo

Critical Linking on Social Media Anxiety

I've been observing how social media has changed interactions in my professional and personal life; for me, my family & friends, and society at large. Some argue the obvious that there is a person operating social media and thus you are still connecting with someone on a real level. Others say that ...

The covers of my Best Books of 2014

2014 in Books (the super and the meh.)

In 2014, I read more books than I watched TV series or movies.  Throughout the year, I noticed there is only a small group of quality films/series that appeal to me. I've been craving original stories and deeper research which lead me to a lot of great books. It's because of this shift that I was able ...