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View from the peak of Ha Ling
The Start Line
Evening in Chinon
Lazy Man's Cabbage Roll Casserole
Grid collage of portraits of women I think are hele grote madams.

Flenglish: To be a Large Woman

In Belgium there is a term for a "larger than life" woman. She does what she pleases, she's confident, and people respect her. She's ...

Edmonton's Churchill Square and Arts District at night.

All Night Art Party: Nuit Blanche Edmonton

Nuit Blanche: French colloquialism for "a sleepless night." Since moving to Edmonton, I've wanted to volunteer. I really enjoy ...

Steak Tartare Sandwich

Canadian Food Championships in Edmonton

Last week, Billy competed in the Canadian Food Championships (CFC) at Taste of Edmonton food festival. The whole event was organized ...

The Book Covers of Light Summer Reading for Smart Babes

Summer Reading for Smart Babes

It's hard for me to believe that we're at the apex of summer. It's been unseasonably hot in Alberta and it's made a beautiful season more enjoyable. I've been busy with my new telecommuting work schedule, enjoying drives into the prairies twice a week, visiting family in Belgium, attending a gorgeous ...

Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton

To give or not to give (cash): Homelessness in Edmonton

Since I started working out of the Stanley Milner Library Building, I have encountered more homeless people than I have in the last... oh, 4 years or so.  I didn't see many homeless while living in Belgium. When I was living in Lacombe, I didn't notice any homelessness. Poverty exists in Lacombe and ...

Graffiti Art near the Legislature and 110th street

Small Town to Big City

We've moved out of central Alberta and into the big city of Edmonton! For those of you who aren't that familiar with Edmonton, it's the capital of Alberta and it's a beautiful community of locals and people who moved here to become locals. It's a bit of a blue-collar town compared to Calgary and that's ...

Album covers

post-it playlist: Spriver

Spring is in the air and changes are afoot. 2015 really feels like a year of big change for many people around me. There is a shift happening. This can bring anxiety over the unknown but I hold on to the idea that change is good and helps us all grow. Hippy dippy? Maybe, but if you don't like it, the ...