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View from the peak of Ha Ling
The Start Line
Evening in Chinon
Lazy Man's Cabbage Roll Casserole
Album Covers for Playlist1

The post-it playlist – 2014’s Jam

I've created playlist for you of my favourite 2014 tunes, a compilation of random post-it notes hastily written in my battered up ...

Covers of books recommended in the blog post. One has a sweet purple sheep on the cover.

Can-Lit Books for the Culturally Curious

I believe that one can learn a lot about a country by reading literature written by that country - at home or abroad. Every genre ...


Eat and Learn Flemish – Pannenkoeken

I'm studying Flemish again. I'll admit that I have struggled to stay focused on my goal to learn and speak Flemish over the past two ...

Rocky Mountains

Critically Linking

Tomorrow will be the start to my weekend. Billy and I both decided to both take Friday off and head to the mountains. Coincidentally, I found out in the days leading up to the weekend that it's going to start dumping down snow on central Alberta. And it's puking snow in the mountains. I'm jacked! ...

Iron Skillet Cornbread with Goat Feta

Iron Skillet Cornbread with Goat Milk Feta

I'm a baker. My partner doesn't like cake, cookies, or even pie most times. Lately, my baking has been limited to bread and bagels. On a whim, I decided to make cornbread to pair with his homemade lobster bisque earlier this week. Imagine my surprise seeing him gobble up cornbread like it was ... ...

Photo courtesy of Avenue  Edmonton Magazine.

Healthy Living Myths Busted by Timothy Caulfield

The Cure for Everything by Timothy Caulfield is written for those who are tired of the weight loss and fitness mumbo jumbo that floats around the internet and who are eager to know the science behind healthy. As a woman who grew up in image overload years of the 1990s and '00s, I have experienced the ...

Raspberry Blueberry Jam

Homemade Raspberry-Blueberry Jam

There is a perk/downside to having a blog and that is the ability of viewing and analyzing my website statistics. When I first started my blog, I was completely obsessed. Then, I gave up looking at them because it was time consuming and drove me mad. It was like participating in a popularity contest ...