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View from the peak of Ha Ling
The Start Line
Evening in Chinon
Lazy Man's Cabbage Roll Casserole
Photo by John Mark Arnold

Conflict Resolution and Healthy Relationships

I recently wrote this after taking a webinar on Making Difficult Conversations Easy by the Effectiveness Institute. It was first ...

Cattle Drive Sculpture

Is Alberta the Texas of the North?

I recently went to Dallas for a Library Communications and Marketing conference. It was awesome but I'm not talking about that today. ...

Palma il Vecchio - de Badende Nymphenen Diana and Callisto

Finding Affordable Local Art for Your Home

As a child, visiting my Grandma B's house meant seeing naked ladies.  In paintings on the walls. [caption id="attachment_2798" ...

Grid collage of portraits of women I think are hele grote madams.

Flenglish: To be a Large Woman

In Belgium there is a term for a "larger than life" woman. She does what she pleases, she's confident, and people respect her. She's a hele grote madam. I'm due for another Flenglish lesson, where I explain some cool things I've learned from the Flemish language and applied them to my english ...

Edmonton's Churchill Square and Arts District at night.

All Night Art Party: Nuit Blanche Edmonton

Nuit Blanche: French colloquialism for "a sleepless night." Since moving to Edmonton, I've wanted to volunteer. I really enjoy volunteering and I firmly believe it's an important place to start exploring new personal or professional goals. It's a chance to contribute to the community and yourself ...

Steak Tartare Sandwich

Canadian Food Championships in Edmonton

Last week, Billy competed in the Canadian Food Championships (CFC) at Taste of Edmonton food festival. The whole event was organized by Events Edmonton and the CFC. It's a year-long search to find Canada's best cooks - amateur and professional - who battle each other in the kitchen. Who will win? ...

Album covers

post-it playlist: Spriver

Spring is in the air and changes are afoot. 2015 really feels like a year of big change for many people around me. There is a shift happening. This can bring anxiety over the unknown but I hold on to the idea that change is good and helps us all grow. Hippy dippy? Maybe, but if you don't like it, the ...